Breeze in the Clouds will be published by Humble Games, features corgi hero

Good doggie!

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The key art for Breeze in the Clouds.

Video game lovers have been obsessed over whether or not in-game dogs can be pet for years (in the upcoming Little Friends: Puppy Island, you can pet literally all of them!), but now it’s time for the dog to be the protagonist. Breeze in the Clouds is a 2D action adventure game, the first from studio Stormy Nights Interactive. It looks like a super cute platformer that has the player using the weather to suit their situation. Unfortunately, no release date was announced.

Once, Breeze was simply a regular dog living a regular life along with his best friend Diana. But one night, freak winds ravage the town and awaken long-dormant powers within the pup. He finds himself in Tropolis, a strange world where weather is controlled and maintains by a squabbling bureaucracy of natural forces from across the animal kingdom. To get back to Diana, Breeze will have to use his powers to basically become the weather in weather-based forms, fight the forces of pollution, and become an unstoppable force of nature.

Here is the trailer, from IGN:

Breeze in the Clouds promises to be action-packed. Breeze will learn to command Wind, Cloud, and other weather conditions to fight any situation he finds himself in. Players will fight using his little furry paws of fury that create lightning-fast combos and fun finishes. He’ll travel to a wide array of weather domains, controlled by things like rain-summoning platypuses or sulfur-spewing hyenas. Basically, it’s some sort of climate/pollution plus an animal.

Players will have to learn how the weather interacts with the environment to solve puzzles and give themselves a chance at getting Breeze back home. This involves things like summoning rain in low temperatures to entomb foes in ice, or whipping up a storm by calling clouds in the right conditions. Support characters can help in combat, with over a dozen boss battles (with multiple phases). There are multiple difficulty settings, for players who want to focus on the story to players who want to push themselves to the limit.

Developed by Stormy Nights Interactive and published by Humble Games, Breeze in the Clouds will be released for PC via Steam.


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  • Oh this looks great!! Coop would be the cherry on top. An underrated feature in platformers imo

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