Bossa Games announces open-world co-op survival game Lost Skies

It's in "open development" until 2024.

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The key art for Lost Skies.

Bossa Studios is perhaps best known for its platformer I Am Bread; according to Matt’s review, it’s a non-subtle homage to Kafka that lacks context and gameplay precision. The developer seems to have moved away from any sort of deep inspiration with its upcoming title announced today, Lost Skies. It’s probably for the best. Lost Skies is an open-world cooperative survival adventure game for up to six players, and is expected to launch next year after a period of what the developer is calling open development.

In the game, players team up to explore a vast world of floating islands. It builds on the ideas of Worlds Adrift, another Bossa games, but is still an entirely new game. The skies are filled with opportunities: build sky-ships, survive ferocious storms, battle monsters, and solve mysteries. What mysteries? There’s a lot. Those of ancient civilizations. Those of forgotten technologies. And the story of the shattered world. Players will grapple, glide climb, and sail across a massive open-world of handcrafted islands in the sky.

Here is the official animated trailer, from IGN (Humble Games hasn’t published it, for whatever reason):

And here is a first look/dev diary:

Lost Skies is set to launch next year, but before that will come what Bossa calls open development (and the rest of us call early access). Later this year, the community will be able to access and test vertical slices of gameplay, and specific elements and mechanics. The feedback could change the course of the game’s development. If you’re interested, head to the game’s Discord here.

“We’re excited to show this first view of the world of Lost Skies,” said Henrique Olifiers, Co-founder and Gamer-in-Chief of Bossa Games, in a press release. He follows up by saying, “Just as players will work together to explore the shattered world of floating islands, we’ll be working with them, using their feedback to inform our creative process, and including their designs in the game itself.”

Developed by Bossa Games and published by Humble Games, Lost Skies will be released for PC via Steam in 2024.


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