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Saturday, September 5, 2020

RPG Maker MV on Switch: Why I love this "game"

Video by Matt S.

RPG Maker MV has launched on Nintendo Switch, and it is a really good little sandbox tool for playing around with. If you're serious about game development, you'll want the PC version, but if you're just looking for a toy to play with, this app has you covered.

In this video I highlight just how quick and easy it is to get things done in RPG Maker MV - you'll have a working JRPG in just a few hours with this thing.

If you enjoy RPG Maker, let's chat in the comments! I've had a long, *long* history with this series, on PC and on console, and I do enjoy chatting about it with other people.

And feel free to share your creations here! I'd love to see what people are making with this on Switch!

- Matt S. 
Find me on Twitter: @mattsainsb

RPG Maker MV on Switch: Why I love this "game"
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