E3 2013: The day’s wrap

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Today was the biggest day in the E3 event, and so naturally we’re done a lot of coverage of Sony, Microsoft, EA and Ubisoft and all the goodies we’ve just experienced.

Below you can find a full summary of all of our articles from the day, and links to go and read them or watch the trailers and so on.

Be sure to let us know what your highlights were for the day!

Opinion Pieces:

Did Sony answer all of our questions?
Why is EA so focused on the American market?
Thumbs up to Microsoft’s “all games” approach
It’s not at E3, but Apple has a big gaming announcement of its own
Xbox One – Costly, but do the games make it worthwhile?


PlayStation hits Australia with an exchange rate “tax”
No restrictions to used games or trading for PlayStation 4
New Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy XV in development for PlayStation 4
GTA V bundle for PlayStation 3 announced
And this is what the PlayStation 4 looks like!
The Walking Dead confirmed for Vita
Tom Clancy’s The Division looks awesome


Check out The Order, exclusive to PlayStation 4
Dark Souls II looks blissfully bleak

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