(UPDATED) E3 2013: Sony: No used sales/ online restrictions for PS4

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[ UPDATE: See the following article for further details. ]

During Sony’s E3 press conference, Sony Computer Entertainment of America CEO Jack Trenton announced that used games would not be restricted in any way in terms of the Playstation 4. Citing the functioning of how the PS3 handles used games, Jack Trenton stated that purchased games can be shared between users, between consoles, and can be sold back to retailers at no cost to PS4 users.

In addition to that consumer-friendly news, Jack Trenton also confirmed that the Playstation 4 would function without having to connect the device to the Internet. All but confirming that the pot-shot status of his comment, Jack Trenton stated that the console could play games without having to connect to the Internet every 24 hours. (For those unaware; Microsoft’s Xbox One requires the user to connect to Microsoft’s servers every 24 hours in order for the console to function properly.)

My personal opinion is that this is great, both financially and from a consumer standpoint. Sony gets to ride off of the negative press that Microsoft has been having with its new game console and consumers are able to purchase/ play more games for less money.

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