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One of the big announcements at the Sony E3 show was that the PlayStation 4 would be released at $399 in the US. That’s $100 cheaper than the Xbox One ($499).

In Australia, Microsoft has done the right thing with its pricing. The Xbox One here will cost $599. That’s $100 more than the US, and with the Australian dollar back under parity and looking like remaining there, that’s a reasonable inflation, to be honest.

The PlayStation 4, meanwhile, is priced at $549. This is an inflation of $150 and means that here in Australia gamers will only save $50 by buying this console over the Xbox One.

It’s still a good price in the local market given all that it’s promising. And pricing was also by no means the only strength that the PS4 enjoyed over the Xbox One. It’s just not the same aggressive competition with Microsoft that we had hoped to see from Sony’s local arm. 

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