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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

E3 Rumour: Sony to make deal with Onlive or Gaiki for game streaming on consoles

Earlier today, the site VG24/7 (Video Games 24/7, for those that hate acronyms) had apparently heard from an inside source that Sony will be announcing a partnership with a cloud gaming platform, specifically either OnLive or Gaikai. This partnership would come with the addition of being able to stream games from "The Cloud" on Playstation devices. The announcement is rumoured to be made during Sony's E3 press conference, which is to be held Monday, June 4th at 6:00pm PST.

Whether Sony chooses OnLive or Gaikai or if this rumour is nothing more than a rumour, this tid-bit coincidentally follows a recent patent made by Sony. This patent, which uses the title of "Advertisement Scheme for use with interactive content", would allow Sony to stop gameplay of a particular title and forcefully stream a commercial to the player. This patent could be used in conjunction with OnLive's or Gaikai's streaming services to provide a new stream of revenue for video game companies.

It appears that our own Matt Sainsbury (slightly) saw this coming; game streaming is almost inevitably going to be a part of video game consoles and, from the looks of it, Sony is to be the first to embrace this type of service. My whole take on this situation is that the ability to stream games from a console could be an enhancement and detriment; on one hand the convenience involved would be great and maybe even lead to "Free" games that only stream commercials every once-in-a-while. On the other hand, this could also lead to being forced to pay $60+ USD for a game and then be taken out every 10 minutes because "BEST SODA BRAND" has decided that I need more indoctrination propaganda forced into my brain.
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