Dungeon Defenders mixes in some RTS

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Some real time strategy is infused into the popular tower defense title this week as the Summoner hero class gets added to the fray.

For the first time in the game, a class can create and order minions around the battlefield. The Summoner definitely adds in a serious dose of ‘new’ to the game with his own personal army.

A mysterious visitor from the Crystalline dimension, the Summoner has decided to wage his own war across Etheria! With two pets by his side, the Summoner can form minions out of sentient crystal and build an army to follow his every command!

The Summoner expansion is available right now for $3.99 USD, you can grab that here– or snag the full game for $14.99 here.

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  • Is it just me or is this game starting to try to be League of Legends? Not necessarily a bad thing, and good to see the game is still going strong!

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