The Tiberium Alliance begins

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Command & Conquer’s first MMO effort exits beta and goes live to all perspective generals.

The first ever massively multiplayer version of the classic RTS Command & Conquer is officially live and playable on PC’s everywhere. Fans of the series (and if you’re still are a fan after C&C4, give yourself a hand) can log in, set up an account, and get to resource gathering and shooting at each other as GDI or Nod right now.

In the game, players are pit against each other and against AI-controlled factions in an intense and strategic battle for territory domination. Gamers spend resources to build bases and strengthen armies before deploying their forces against the enemy, constantly adapting to a dynamic theater of war, where alliances shift and power over territories change constantly. With integrated in-game status and news feeds, players are updated on their allies and enemies, forcing them to strategize, adapt, and react on the spot.As the first free-to-play, cross-platform MMO strategy game, Command & Conquer Tiberium Alliancesis the only game to offer true, anytime, anywhere gameplay. In the coming months, the game will feature cloud-saved game data to make it accessible across web browsers and mobile devices. Players can play from their desktop at home, or on the go from their smartphone or tablet.

The most interesting point here for me is the cross plat stuff. If developer Phenomic and EA can get a truly cloud based system working where players can log into the game from either their desktop or mobile device and have a real experience, then this has the potential to be something special. And by the way, by ‘real experience’ I mean pretty much the same gameplay whether you use a PC/Mac or an iPad. We’ll have to wait a little while yet for that particular feature, but it could be some very cool stuff.

You can get started right now though, if you’re up for the browser-based version of the game, by clicking here.

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