Double Fine unveils The Cave

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Double Fine and Sega bring a deep, dark, adventure dipped in old school and quirk to consoles and PC.

DF has a pretty deep history with… odd. The Cave looks like it’ll fit nicely into that portfolio when it launches on “consoles and PCs for digital download worldwide in early 2013″. Yes, it’s still pretty early, but this one just plain old smells like a winner.

The graphics are gorgeous (even now with the game a little under a year away), there’s some really cool looking stuff going on in that trailer, and the pedigree is outstanding. The Cave’s creator is Lucasarts vet Mr. Ron Gilbert, who any gamer worth his/her salt (and who’s old enough to remember the hey day of adventure gaming) should remember as one of the main men behind Maniac Mansion. That alone should give you an idea of what to expect from The Cave.

Look for The Cave from Double Fine and Sega early next year.

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