Take a quick gander at the history of Total War in this video

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Sega is celebrating 15 years of the Total War franchise with a short video that shows clips of all that has come before, and some of what to expect further through 2015.

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Total War kicked off with the original Shogun, which looks positively primitive now, and from there the series has charted a full 2000 years of warfare, from ancient Rome right through to the Napoleonic period.

The publisher also shared some fun stats about the series. Apparently over a million people play games in the franchise now (one assumes this is based on Steam stats) and the average play time across the series is 104 hours per game. From my recollection that’s a little less than some of the other serious strategy games out there – Europa Universalis IV has an insane average play time number, from memory, but it’s an impressive feat nonetheless.

The year ahead is looking good for the franchise too. In 2015, Sega will release a 10 v 10 multiplayer-focused Total War game, as well as an iOS strategy game in Total War Battles: Kingdom.

And it’s just a matter of time before the publisher gets around to formally announcing and showing off the Total War: Warhammer game, which will be the first real deviation of the franchise away from real history.

Total War: Game of Thrones next, thanks. You know that would be awesome.

Enjoy the video, and be sure to let us know what your favourite Total War game is in the comments! I’m personally partial to Napoleon, only because I’m a Napoleonic wargamer from way back. The genre has certainly advanced from the days with struggling with buggy CD ROMs on Windows 95, I can assure you.

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