Review: Gran Turismo 7 (Sony PlayStation 5)

I really wish I loved anything as much as Yamauchi Kazunori loves cars. I’m not even exaggerating about that. He clearly loves cars. Gran Turismo 7 is filled with the kind of longing, slow-panning, romantic camera angles that focus on the bodies of these machines in a way that you…

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PlayStation State of Play recap: March 10, 2022


 News by Lindsay M.State of Play is what PlayStation’s mini press conferences has evolved into (it’s Sony’s version of the Nintendo Direct); this one focuses on Japanese publishers, so we’re cautiously optimistic about what we’re about to see! Hopefully it’s not a bunch of western-focused games from Japanese publishers (for…

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Review: Horizon: Forbidden West (Sony PlayStation 5)

I have really struggled with how to handle this Horizon: Forbidden West review. On the one hand, I do understand that it is the sequel to a game that a lot of people loved (a lot), and that this game delivers what the masses want. It’s a hugely expensive game…

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“News” by Matt S. One of the biggest things to come from Sony’s big day of announcements today was, apparently, an advertisement. I wish I was joking, but of course, capitalism and such, so I’m not. There was a press release about it and everything, as though it was something…

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