What is the “perfect” game? Also, the very worst games, and mobile gaming (Digitally Uploaded 2019, Episode #5)


What’s the “perfect” game? With something as subjective as video games, “perfection” shouldn’t mean “flawless,” but actually nutting down what causes us to call something “perfect” is one of the things we chat about this week on the Digitally Uploaded podcast. We also have a good chat about some of…

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Welcome to 2019! All the big games we’re looking forward to, and Dead or Alive! (Digitally Uploaded 2019, Episode #1)


We’re back for 2019! Our first podcast of the year looks at all the great games that are releasing in January (there really are a lot), as well as the stuff we’re looking forward to for the rest of the year. And we also chat about Dead or Alive 6.…

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Smash Bros and all the exciting announcements from The Game Awards (Digitally Uploaded 2018, Episode #44)


While the awards themselves are junk (giving God of War “Game of the Year” is like giving The Avengers the Academy Award for best film), one good thing about The Game Awards is how many publishers now use it to announce new game projects, and we’ve got plenty of that…

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The Māori come to Civilization VI, Persona dancing, and Christmas! (Digitally Uploaded 2018, Episode #43)


December’s meant to be the quiet period, but you wouldn’t be able to tell, from all the big releases that are coming out, or just around the corner. This week we chat about the incredible news that the Māori are coming to Civilization VI, and we discuss an interview that…

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