Welcome to 2019! All the big games we’re looking forward to, and Dead or Alive! (Digitally Uploaded 2019, Episode #1)


We’re back for 2019! Our first podcast of the year looks at all the great games that are releasing in January (there really are a lot), as well as the stuff we’re looking forward to for the rest of the year. And we also chat about Dead or Alive 6.…

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The key games of January 2016: Forget catching up on that backlog


January is meant to be the quiet time of year, in terms of new releases, and that means it’s meant to be the time we catch up on the unfinished games from last year. But this year is set to get off with a bang, with a bunch of great…

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The games of January; quality over quantity


List by Jim S. It’s the first month of 2015! Traditionally the most quiet month for new game releases, January 2015 isn’t really any different, which is a good thing since it will give people a chance to knock off some of the backlog from last year. With that being…

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