Video: Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain – First impressions


Video by Pierre-Yves L. Who doesn’t like Earth Defense Force? It’s B-grade action and storytelling at its absolute finest, and now the latest title is just around the corner. Related reading: For another hands-on, Matt got some time with the game at Tokyo Game Show last year. Check out his…

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Going hands-on with the distinctive and terrifying A Plague Tale: Innocence


Preview by Ginny W. A Plague Tale: Innocence is being developed by Asobo Studio, a French outfit perhaps better known for adapting children’s movies into their video game counterparts. Interestingly, its latest endeavour, which takes place during the black death and brings with it all the plague-bearing rats and inquisitors…

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Preview by Matt S.  If there’s one thing that Fire Emblem Heroes proved without a shadow of a doubt, it’s that the mechanics of a tactics JRPG can be tailored for mobile quite nicely. Langrisser has, over the years, been Fire Emblem’s closest rival, and Langrisser’s development team apparently noticed…

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Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain is absolutely sublime


Preview by Matt S.  D3 Publisher isn’t exactly known for high standards with its games. Whether you enjoy School Girl/ Zombie Hunter, Onechanbara and Bullet Girls Phantasia or not (for what it’s worth, I find them to be brilliantly entertaining), you would never suggest that they set some kind of…

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