Review: Grim Legends – The Forsaken Bride (Sony PlayStation 4)


Review by Lindsay M. A beastly creature captures a pretty girl and hides her in a forgotten-looking castle. You’ve likely heard a story with this plot before, and if not look no further than Disney’s current remake of its ’80s hit (and my personal favourite) Beauty and the Beast. Or,…

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All-female protagonist September: a lack of casual games and contemplations on the female body


Blog by Lindsay M. I’m going to be upfront: the first few days of September have been more of a casual game detox for me than a foray into the world of women in video games. I complained an excessive amount about the lack of casual mobile games with female…

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Review: New Style Boutique 2: Fashion Forward (Nintendo 3DS)


It would be easy to dismiss the Style Boutique franchise as Nintendo’s attempt to reach out to the rarely tapped young girl demographic; to assume that it’s a cynical series designed more to be accessible and casual because, after all, girls don’t play real games, now do they? If there…

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