Review: One Piece: Unlimited World Red Deluxe Edition (Nintendo Switch)


Review by Pierre-Yves L. One Piece: Unlimited World Red’s Deluxe Edition is the latest port of an original Nintendo 3DS game from back in 2013. While One Piece has the easy ability to take its manga roots and transfer itself over to the video game medium, with characters and gameplay…

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Review: Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles (Sony PlayStation 4)


Review by Matt S. Yonder is an antidote to the endless sex, violence, and other “mature themes” that have become so commonplace in videogames that we’ve stopped noticing them at all. And I’m not talking about just the extreme examples here; it takes a game with absolutely no conflict at…

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Review: Star Trek: Bridge Crew (Sony PlayStation VR)


Review by Matt S. As someone who doesn’t really like doing the online multiplayer thing – particularly with narrative and atmosphere-heavy experiences (people just can’t commit to the roleplay, damnit), I say this: Star Trek: Bridge Crew is utterly brilliant. Ubisoft has done something truly special here; it has managed…

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Review: Grim Legends – The Forsaken Bride (Sony PlayStation 4)


Review by Lindsay M. A beastly creature captures a pretty girl and hides her in a forgotten-looking castle. You’ve likely heard a story with this plot before, and if not look no further than Disney’s current remake of its ’80s hit (and my personal favourite) Beauty and the Beast. Or,…

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