Paradox Interactive announced as the publisher of Foundry

Factory building in a voxel world.

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Upcoming factory building game Foundry has been in development for a while, and is now being developed under the Channel 3 Entertainment name. The game gives players the freedom to build the factory of their dreams in a voxel procedurally-generated world. Today, Paradox Interactive and Channel 3 Entertainment announced a new publishing partnership for Foundry.

Players start from humble beginnings. Manually mine and process resources, craft machinery, and develop technologies to automate the entire production line based on precise plans. Logistic challenges, like pipe networks and power systems, will be require to expand the product lines in order to create a giant, automated, self-sustaining factory. The game can be played alone or with friends.

In this world, each voxel block can be destroyed and new blocks (either terrain or building) can be placed to shape the worlds as the player sees fit. Factories can be built anywhere, from the mountains to the mines.

Foundry’s developer – Channel 3 Entertainment – is a new studio built by Patrik Meder (Foundry’s creator) and two industry veterans from Klei Entertainment, Mark Laprairie and Johann Seidenz. Ina press release, Meder says, “The overwhelmingly positive feedback we received from the Foundry Alpha on was encouraging and highlighted the game’s immense potential. To fully realize this potential, it was essential to collaborate with the perfect partner. Being published by Paradox Interactive allows us to fulfill the vision and ambitions we have for Foundry”

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“Foundry is a unique game that has already received positive feedback from early testers and we are very excited about this project,” says Paradox Interactive’s Vice-President Sebastian Forsström in the same press release. “We are proud to work with Channel 3 Entertainment to bring the ultimate factory building simulation to players.”

Developed by Channel 3 Entertainment and published by Paradox Interactive, Foundry will be released for PC via Steam. A free demo will be available during Steam Next Fest, running from October 9 to 16.

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