Cities: Skylines is getting a sequel

The new SimCity?

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The key art for Cities: Skylines II.

I don’t have much patience for city builders, despite my love of sims. Very few are actually simple enough for me to understand, so I tend to write them off. That being said, I certainly know of Cities: Skylines and its critical and consumer acclaim (except the Nintendo Switch port, but we won’t talk about that). When Matt reviewed the game’s PS4 version for DDNet, he gave it 4.5 stars and calls it “a ridiculously clever and enjoyable game.” It’s a game that came out eight years ago, and I still know of people that are obsessed with it: my brother-in-law, who used to play tons of games, now has very little spare time and it’s dedicated to the game. Taking all of that into consideration, even I’m exciting for the announcement of Cities: Skylines II.

Let’s be real: SimCity must be dead, because there’s been no movement with that franchise for year. And it leaves a gaping hole of city building sims for some very big fans of the genre. Cities: Skylines came around at a great time, just after a failed attempt to reboot SimCity and following several years of no new games (just mobile ports). I mean, we haven’t seen a real SimCity game since 2008’s SimCity Creator for Wii. People were desperate by 2015, and eight years later that itch needs to be scratched again. It’s perfect timing for Cities: Skylines II!

If you dream it, you can build it in Cities: Skylines II, which offers a deep simulation experience with a living economy. Create and manage your own city while your decision-making is constantly challenged. The city will evolve and react to your decisions, creating a dynamic and ever-changing world. A little creativity and strategic planning can grow city into a thriving metropolis that attracts businesses, residents, and tourists. The cities will feature areas like downtowns and residential neighbourhoods. Running a city isn’t simple, though, so navigate the complexities of it while keeping up with the needs (and demands!) of your citizens.

Developed by Colossal Order and published by Paradox Interactive, Cities: Skylines II will be released for PC via Steam, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series this year.


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