Square Enix’s new strategy RPG is set to be “something we’ve never seen before”

Give us more sweet JRPG magic right into the veins, Square Enix

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A mere two days after an announcement regarding Valkyrie Elysium’s official release date from Square Enix, we’re already being given a new release date trailer, not for Elysium, but for another of Square Enix’s September releases. They are busy bees.

The DioField Chronicle is an upcoming strategy RPG game, developed by Lancarse, a third-party Japanese development studio, and published by Square Enix, set to release on September 22 this year. This is just 5 days before Valkyrie Elysium’s.

Nevertheless, let’s take a look into what DioField Chronicle is looking like now that we’ve got more information on its key features and aesthetics from the brand-new trailer!

The game takes place in a world ravaged by constant warfare. Amidst the cacophony of the chaos wrought by this global conflict, Blue Fox, a group of elite mercenaries attempts to break through stagnation, ultimately resulting in either the beginning of hope for mankind, or another failed attempt at redemption, as described by Square Enix and Lancarse. It’s a bit interesting because this itself could imply multiple outcomes based on decisions and actions taken by the player. The graphics of the gameplay itself has been a major focal point for Square Enix, claiming “something never seen before”, and a large portion of the trailer has been dedicated to showcasing the upcoming release’s storyline, so let’s hope for something of an extraordinary story to back up these colourful visuals.

The gameplay itself, from what we can see in the trailer, presents itself in “diorama” battle scenes to create a “clear and beautiful visual aesthetic” as stated by Square Enix. Rather than a discrete turn-based system of combat, we’ve been given a look into the “Real-Time Tactical Battle System”, allowing players to utilise free directional movement, as seen in something like XCOM, rather than tile-based like FF Tactics. The implementation of a combat system with glaring elements of real-time strategy comes as an attempt to keep elements of the game moving to provide the player with a dynamic and increasingly exciting experience.

As a recap of its release details, The DioField Chronicle is planned to release on PS4/5, PC, Switch, and Xbox platforms on September 22 worldwide, some days after its demo release on September 10 (as announced for Japan, but this date will most likely be consistent for all other corners of the world).

  • Have they said whether the demo that’s scheduled to be released Aug. 10 in Japan will now also receive a worldwide release that day?

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