And the next Idea Factory game to get a Switch port will be…

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Dragon Star Varnir! Thanks to the good folk at Famitsu, we now know that Idea Factory will be porting its Grimm-like fairy tale game about cute witches to the Switch in the Japanese spring.

There’s no news about a western release of this, but given that this is Idea Factory, that’s almost certainly going to happen. It will be worth looking into when it does, too, because Dragon Star Varnir is excellent. As we wrote in our review:

“There is fan service in there, and some people will look at that and the anime trappings and not be able to move past it, but underneath this exterior lies a heart that is in many ways the precise opposite of what you might be expecting. It’s almost – dare I say it – feminist in the critique it provides over the way that women are treated in this fairy tale world.”

– Matt S.
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