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The irony of covering physical releases on a website named Digitally Downloaded is just delicious, so here we are! Limited Run Games released its E3 presentation today, promising over a dozen games coming physically to the PlayStation Vita before the cartridges can no longer be produced.

Here’s the full list:

  1. Deadbolt by Hopoo Games, releasing Q3 2019.
  2. Guacamelee! by Drinkbox Studios, June 14. Nick gave it four and a half stars in his review of the title, so its definitely worth checking out.
  3. Super Mutant Alien Assault by Fellow Traveller and Cybernate, July 5. Our short and sweet review here.
  4. Pix the Cat by Pasta Games, June 21.
  5. Revenant Dogma by Exe Create and Kemco, sometime this year.
  6. Mutant Blobs Attack!!! by Drinkbox Studios, June 14. Clark gave it a rather high score; read the review!!!
  7. Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken by Ratloop, sometime this year. Nick gave it four stars in his review.
  8. Rocketbirds 2: Evolution by Ratloop, sometime this year. It’s too bad we haven’t covered this one.
  9. Atari Flashback Classics by Atari and Code Mystics, July 2019. We reviewed it for the PlayStation 4.
  10. Super Meat Boy by Team Meat, sometime this year.
  11. Damascus Gear Operation Osaka by Arc System Works, sometime this year.
  12. Damascus Gear Operation Tokyo by Arc System Works, sometime this year.
  13. Metal Slug 3 by SNK, July 12.
  14. Papers, Please by 3909 is coming in 2020. Five stars isn’t a difficult feat at Digitally Downloaded, but Papers, Please earned it! Our review here.

If you’re interested in the full presentation, watch it here via Limited Run Games’ YouTube channel:

The PS Vita is going out with a bang, and a huge thanks to Limited Run Games for making that happen!

– Lindsay M.
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