DDNet Polls: The great debates (Saturday, November 7)

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Under most of our articles and reviews at Digitally Downloaded, you will see a simple two-option poll, powered by Twitter.

There’s a reason for that! Each week we collect together the most interesting poll results for the week and do a little wrap on them for the weekend. That’s what you’re reading right now! That way, you’ll know exactly what people are playing, what news is important to them, and how they feel about the best and most disappointing news each week.

Do let us know what you think about this new feature, but in the meantime, enjoy this week’s results!

This poll was on Harvard’s excellent review of Mugen Souls. As you can see, contrary to pretty much the rest of the Internet, Idea Factory is quite popular here at DDNet.

This poll appeared on my interview with the woman responsible for the Japanese film festival, which is currently running in Australia. From the poll results we can see that Japanese films are indeed popular with readers, though I personally thought the response would be more weighted towards the “yes” vote.

This one was overwhelmingly a “yes” vote, and was in response to my opinion piece, in which I expressed concern that there seems to be too much focus placed on having aspiring game developers learn STEM. It seems the readers agree with me!

This poll was on the bottom of my review of the highly controversial Devil’s Third, a Wii U shooter exclusive that some loved, but many hated. I loved it, but it seems that all those negative reviews had an impact on anticipation for the game, which is a pity, because it still hasn’t been released in the US.

After Tin Man Games enjoyed enormous success with its Kickstarter for the next evolution of the gamebook genre, we put it to poll to see how the DDNet readers respond to the genre. Not a whole lot of interest in this one, unfortunately (but seriously, give the gamebooks a go. They’re awesome).

The final poll for this week’s edition comes after my glowing review of the new Apple TV, and its potential to become a real console contender… though the DDNet readers don’t agree at this stage. Don’t worry, folk, I’ll convince you yet!

So, what do you think of this week’s polls! Discuss away in the comments!

– Matt S. 

This is the bio under which all legacy DigitallyDownloaded.net articles are published (as in the 12,000-odd, before we moved to the new Website and platform). This is not a member of the DDNet Team. Please see the article's text for byline attribution.

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