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Atlus giveth and Atlus taketh away.

Contrary to common practice, let us start with the good bit: here is, finally, a new trailer for gamer heartthrob Persona 5:

*wheeze* *wheeze* *wheeze*

Let’s take a minute to catch our breath…

… Okay, so we got that out of our system? Good.

Atlus announced today at Tokyo Game Show 2015 that Persona 5 has been delayed to summer 2016. That’s for the Japanese release; overseas releases are vaguely scheduled for “2016”.

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Now, while delays can be painful, especially for such a hotly anticipated game, I can’t find it in myself to be very disappointed or angry. It just takes one look at the trailers — the newest one in particular — to see that Persona 5 is shaping up to be the most ambitious project Atlus has ever undertaken. And, boy, is it gorgeous. The attention to detail and sheer lunacy of it all suggest that Atlus hasn’t been wasting its time and effort. A wise man once said: “A delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad.”

Hashino and his dev team state as much as they address the delay on the Persona Channel blog. A full translation can be found on Siliconera.

– Eduardo R.

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