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SMASH! Sydney was a truly entertaining event this year, as I noted in my wrap of the show. But I’d be lying if I said anything came close to the enthusiasm of the cosplayers at this convention. That enthusiasm was what made SMASH! so entertaining, bright, and colourful.

The cosplayers that showed up could come from almost any anime, manga or game franchise you could think of. There where the usual suspects, from a Juliet Starling to Link and Hatsune Miku (there were a lot of Hatsune Mikus, actually), and then there were characters from hot new franchises like Attack on Titan and Madoka Magica, random quirky characters like Rilakkuma, and then some really daring stuff.

Not everyone was wearing an elaborate costume, and not everyone was there to compete in the cosplay contest, of course, but that’s exactly what impressed me the most about the show – the sheer number of people dressed up in costume simply to get in the spirit of the event was truly impressive. The sheer number of anime-style school uniforms and Sailor Moon costumes was a sight to behold.

We have a lot of photo galleries to share this week taken from SMASH! This is the third. You can also check out the previous galleries below:

Gallery #1
Gallery #2

Additionally, if you were one of the people that we snapped on the day, please contact me at so that I can shoot you over a full high-resolution copy of your photo (and thank you again for participating!).

Rilakkuma really is a hero. Also that costume must have got very, very hot.

I think this is Oichi from Samurai Warriors? Oichi from Samurai Warriors is awesome.

Getting our Shakespearian drama on.

Through the power of Pocky this guy could take down Superman. That’s how awesome Pocky is.

If wouldn’t be a cosplay event without someone showing up as Mario and Luigi, would it?

Not sure what these characters are from, but it matters not. The cosplays are awesome.

I told you there were a lot of Mikus!

Quickest way to win cosplay is to come as Lady Sun herself.

Taking an arrow to the knee!

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