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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Flat Earth Games debuts text-based space trading game

Flat Earth Games, the Sydney-based developer behind the much-loved TownCraft, is back with a new game. Expected in early 2016 on PC, Mac, and Linux, Objects in Space is described as an open-world space trading game.

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Being described as being set in outer space, you’d expect to spend the game staring into vast darkness littered with meteors, planets, and stars (much like the permanently in-development Drifter that was expected over a year ago) – but Objects in Space is the exact opposite. Instead of looking out windows, you stare at sensor screens resembling something from the Cold War rather than the future. Gameplay is heavily text-based. And the graphics reflect this change: they hark back a 1970s version of the future.

Just because combat happens outside the field of vision doesn’t mean the player isn’t in control of it; in fact, the sensors are used to differentiate between asteroids and enemies as well as to find places to hide if enemies are nearby. And enemies are abundant… but you, you are completely alone.

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Being alone in space – more specifically, dozens of light years away from Earth in the Apollo asteroid cluster – has it perks. Formerly a utopian society, Apollo is now filled with corruption, war, and lowlifes. But because you’re alone, you can make the world what you want it to be.

- Lindsay M.
News Editor
Flat Earth Games debuts text-based space trading game
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