Check out the trailer for the upcoming new Final Fantasy XIV: ARR patch 2.5

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Are you still playing Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn? We hope so, because it’s going from strength to strength, and there’s a new patch due soon that will add even more content into the game.

Before The Fall (as the patch is being dubbed) will be the last update before Square Enix releases a major new expansion (called Heavensward) in a couple of months. Key additions to this new patch include:

– Three new dungeons
– The final chapter of the Crystal Tower storyline that sees adventurers traveling to the World of Darkness.
– Chocobo racing (finally!)
– The Triple Triad card mini-game (Final Fantasy VIII fans will be giddy about that one)

Just what we needed – more content for a game that was already for all intents and purposes endless.

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The trailer (it’s a long one at ten minutes) is below. See you all in Eorzea! 

– Matt S.
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