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Last year I had the pleasure of meeting Tamara Schembri and Peter Budziszewski; an Aussie indie team with a love of the whole “games as art” deal. As you can probably guess, I immediately became a fan.

Budziszewski is a veteran of the Australian games industry, having worked on L.A. Noire before temporarily relocating overseas to work with Harmonix. Now back in Australia he and partner Schembri are doing their own thing.

Their first game was Flowmo; a brilliant little experimental game on iOS that, it’s safe to say, didn’t hit the sales numbers that it deserved. Not to be deterred, the duo has “learned their lessons” (their words, not mine) and are taking their time to nail their newest project, Ludic Rez Attacks.

We don’t have a single screenshot yet, but given how beautiful Flowmo is we know it’s going to be a pretty game. But what I’m loving about this game is its concept; it’s an “irreverent, absurdist turn-based RPG set in a surreal universe.”


Though we don’t have screenshots, Schembri was kind enough to share some details about how the game will play. For one combat scenario:

For example, you might fight a giant number 42. The player can use a wide array of physical and magical attacks, buffs and debuffs to defeat their enemies. But, on top of that, he or she also has a contextual Special Attack, which responds completely differently to each individual enemy.

If you use the Special Attack on the giant number 42, this will unleash a NIHILISM ATTACK. The giant number 42 will suddenly feel that his life has no meaning, and – since he is the meaning of life – he will temporarily disappear in a puff of unlogic, making him miss a turn.

And below you’ll find conceptual storyboards (do not confuse these for in-game graphics), to explain another attack.

Apparently this game is being inspired by the likes of Earthbound and Kingdom of Loathing. If it can even be half as funny, we’ll be sold ten times over.

Stay tuned to DDNet for plenty more information on this one as it comes to light.

– Matt S. 
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