Sacred 3 is finally happening

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Sacred 3 was announced years ago now. In fact, we were initially promised that it was going to be a 2013 release back in 2012.

It’s a game that we’ve been looking forward to, too. Sacred 2 has its rough moments, but it was a truly massive game and one of the finest alternatives to Diablo that you could play. But as often happens in the games industry there were delays, and that 2013 release didn’t happen. Instead, all 2013 threw up was a fairly poor sidescrolling hack-a-thon.

Deep Silver has come back to provide us with a new date, however; Sacred 3 is now releasing in summer (winter for Aussies) this year. It’s promising a heavy focus on the co-op (as you’d hope for a loot grinding game), with two player local co-op or four player online.

The game releases for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. So it will be yet another reason to keep the last gen consoles firmly under the TV.

– Matt S. 
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