Announcing a new developer interview for The Interactive Canvas Kickstarter: Nifflas!

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News by Matt S. 

Swedish independent developer, Nifflas, is perhaps best known for his work on the superb, serene, puzzle platformer, Knytt Underground.

That game is filled with a unique (and quite Scandinavian) understanding of spirituality, and the result is one of the most unique and striking games you’ll ever play.

It’s quite easy to pick up if you haven’t played it yet – it’s available on PC, PlayStation and Nintendo Wii U, and regardless of which platform you play it on, it’s well worth while.

The interview with Nifflas in The Interactive Canvas will be something special; we’ll have a chat with him about his visual aesthetic, his unique approach to religious themes in games, his sense of level and puzzle design, and some of the plans that he has for the future.

Nifflas joins a lineup of interviews that grows ever larger and more varied, so if you haven’t reserved your copy of The Interactive Canvas yet, make sure you do so, and be part of the development of one of the most comprehensive resources on the discussion of games as art.

– Matt S. 
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