The Bard’s Tale get a big update on Android

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Among other things, Android players now get the classic Bard’s Tale 2 included with their game at no extra charge.

Developer inXile announced the update today that the addition of the second classic title (something that iOS players have had for a while now) has finally gone live for the Android version of the action/RPG.

Aside from that (though that is the meat and potatoes of the update) Android fans will now enjoy gamepad support and the ability to save to SD cards (on devices that support them). The game is also compatible with the Nexus 10 and 4 models with this update- which is pretty great news for gamers with those devices since this is really one not to be missed.

According to the developers, Android players already know that though as they’ve been extremely supportive of The Bard’s Tale, making it a top 3 game on the charts in most major countries. InXile big Brian Fargo, he’s pretty jazzed about that.

“It has been quite a treat to see Android gamers step up and download such a huge footprint of a game,” said Brian Fargo. “Our success shows that a quality Android game can sell despite the large file size.”

Want the game for your Android? Here’s the links:

TegraZone: Play: App Store: App World:

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  • I really love that these guys continue to support this game with updates etc. The Bard's Tale was already essential, but now I'd recommend people grab it just to support the developers.

  • damn, this (and some boardgame apps) makes me want one of those Nexus 7 tablets so very much…. but alas, money. 🙁 it's still on my wishlist, and I'd rather buy a tablet than, say, an Xbox now.

  • Board games are definitely one of the best reasons to get a tablet. I wonder if Ticket To Ride is on the Google Play store? That app is better than the actual board game, lol.

  • Have you played the Arkham Horror board game, iLag? Elder Sign is like the awesome little brother to that. Love it.

    Is Fortune Street on Google Play yet? God I love that game 😀

  • I own both, actually, but there's nobody to play them with. they do have quite solid solo play options, but that's kind of not the point of boardgaming, right? so that's a problem.

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