Help Kickstart an Orc Attack

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Orc Attack is one of the latest titles to head the crowd funding route and is bringing a quartet of flatulent greenskins along with it.

In Orc Attack, the tables are turned and the Orcs are the good guys. The humans? They’re the angry, polluting, warmongers.

Big and colorful with four player co-op and lots of comedic bits; Orc Attack is actually a pretty darned likable game even in its unfinished form. Having just hit the UK version of the popular crowd funding platform Kickstarter, the developer Casual Brothers is looking for a little help with getting it into players hands.

Casual Brothers is actually planning quite a bit for the final version of Orc Attack. Here’s some of what they’re looking to have in store for players and a brief look at some of the reward levels if you buy in to the Kickstarter:

  • Two different gameplay modes: The Magic Mode, in which orcs perform magical spells with devastating effects on their enemies; and The Dirty Mode, in which orcs produce vile and dangerous gasses creating explosions and other devastating effects on their enemies.
  • Local and online 2-4 person cooperative play.
  • An intelligent new camera system enabling players to share the same camera without losing sight of their co-op friends.
  • 15 different levels across four expansive environments.
  • As players progress, they gain experience and unlock new attack combinations, more efficient gas powers, additional strength, and increase in speed.
  • Using runes (the game’s currency), players can buy new equipment, weapons, power-ups, armor, and magic elixirs at the Orc Store.
  • Gamers can evolve their orc avatars and distribute experience points to different characteristics such as strength, speed, and resistance to differentiate fighting styles.
  • For its Kickstarter supporters, Casual Brothers is offering multiple levels of compensation. All rewards include a digital copy of Orc Attack to be delivered in March 2013 and the Orc Attack prototype to be delivered as soon as the Kickstarter campaign is over. All physical rewards will be delivered in January 2013 with the in-game rewards coming when the game launches in March 2013.
Feel like joining the team? Click here to check out the campaign and hop onboard.

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