Binding of Isaac to be reborn on consoles

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Binding of Isaac: Rebirth will indeed be making the perilous trek from PC to consoles- and with stylish 16-bit graphics!

Some may chuckle a bit at the announcement that was released to Gamesbeat today since Isaac creator Ed McMillen isn’t really the biggest pal of console makers everywhere, but nevertheless the game will be ported to set top boxes some time soon. As far as content, this won’t be the same Isaac you played on the PC.

The game will be adapted by Cave Story publisher Nicalis and will reportedly include a ‘lost’ expansion pack that never saw the light of day on PC’s, local co-op (yay!), and 16-bit visuals. McMillen also apparently wants nothing whatsoever to do with the console Binding of Isaac (I’m sure that doesn’t include the monetary portion), even going so far as to leaving all negotiations as far as publication to Nicalis.

As of now, Nicalis is unsure just where the game will appear. McMillen however, has said in a piece for Games Developer magazine that both Microsoft and Sony are interested and that the “new look” might even make Nintendo take note. He then went on to say that he didn’t know how well the game might control on an iPad but added “…if they can make it work, I’m all for it.”  So… Binding of Isaac: Rebirth: coming soon for everything?

Source: Gamesbeat

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  • This is good to see. I was really disappointed to see the original game refused release on consoles – not a fan of censorship in general.

    Hopefully this one happens hitch-free.

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