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Playstation Plus subscribers will have exclusive access to the MMOFPS beta for a full two weeks as well as the chance to pick up a Mercenary Pack for cheap.

Aside from those who have already purchased the Mercenary Pack and the lucky owners of ‘All Access’ passes; PS+ subbies will be the only players allowed to participate during the closed beta period that’s just been announced for the game. 

From August 21st through September 4th, no new codes will be distributed in any way for CCP’s upcoming online FPS based in the EVE Online universe. And August 21st date will not only usher in the ‘closed beta’ portion of the game’s development, but it will also mean a pretty big update with the ‘Precursor’ download.

Precursor wil add in a massive amount of new stuff to the game, including some all important keyboard and mouse support.

August 21 marks an important milestone in the DUST 514 beta as it ushers in the “Precursor” release. This update includes the first live DUST/EVE Online integration, Orbital Strike framework, instant battle matchmaking, new environments, keyboard and mouse support, and tons of other enhancements.

As a further bonus to Plus members, CCP will be extending a special discount (half off) on the Mercenary Pack just for them. The Merc Pack is a pretty solid buy if you intend on spending a lot of time in the game’s universe too- it’ll get you unlimited beta access (for the remainder of the period), give you a bonus of in game currency, boost up your skills, and grant you some exclusive gear. Find out more here.

DUST 514 is set to enter open beta some time later this year.

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  • I played in the beta the first day it launched and It reminded me in a way of a halo style game but i guess only cuz it was a space type game lol.. its fun and since that first day they have fixed and added a bunch of stuff to make it way better. i recommend checking it out for suure

  • haha, being free to play is probably the only reason I'll give this a go, but even though I'm not the biggest FPS fan, this does look pretty interesting to me.

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