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Haunting Ground, one of the finest horror games of all time, is coming to PS3. Unfortunately, this is going to be a PS2 Classic, rather than a HD remake, but still, it’s going to be worth a download.

This is a horror game without weapons (!), where the lead character, Fiona, needs to navigate through a puzzle-filled mansion, while all the time being stalked by horrible ugly things. Her only help is a dog, Hewie, who Fiona can command to do things for her – like fetching out-of-reach items and warding off the predators. 
It’s a very dark game, with more than a hint of S&M about it, but it’s a true horror experience, not like those silly action game things that Resident Evil as become. 
This is great news! Thank you to Capcom, and now there’s a glimmer of hope that the publishers other two horror masterpieces – Gregory Horror Show and Clock Tower 3 – also make the move to PSN (and Sony, update the Vita to support PS2 Classics, please)

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  • You're in for a seriously great game. This is one of the few PS2 games I've hung on to, even though I no longer have a working PS2 šŸ˜€

  • I remember seeing previews for the game, and I was really keen on it, but never did see it in stores šŸ™

    Fingers crossed it hits PSN at some stage too.

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