It’s gonna be a long, hot, 8bit Summer on the 3DS

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Nintendo has just released a trailer for it’s 8bit Summer promo on the eShop and it’s Gameboy-tastic!
I don’t know, for a promotion that’s actually got 8bit in its name, you’d think there’d be more NES games in it. Instead, the offerings are mainly of the Gameboy variety with a couple of Game Gear title thrown in for good measure.

I’m not complaining mind you, it’s just that when I hear ‘8bit’ I think of the Nintendo Entertainment System. Have to say, I do really dig that ‘play like you’re on Summer vacation’ tag line though- some great nostalgia there.

8bit Summer kicks off in the eShop on July 5th.

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  • Looking good. I'm almost glad they decided to save these releases for the slower summer period.

    Will definitely be picking up Wario Land, Kid Icarus, and maybe the Sonic games (again).

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