Street Fighter x Tekken brawls on iOS

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Just as Capcom’s Street Fighter 4 made the jump, a mobile version of Street Fighter x Tekken is on the way to iPhones soon.

There’s really nothing to report as to details just yet (so don’t get too excited) as Capcom has only produced a handful of screens and a basic press release. I’ll assume though that the game will feature much the same ‘simplified’ control scheme that SF4 did, but with the obvious addition of the ‘team’ dynamic.

If you haven’t played Street Fighter 4 mobile, it worked pretty well as the game only had a few buttons and was easier to play than any fighting game on a touch screen had any right to be. Capcom also updated the heck out of it on a regular basis, adding fighters until the roster was pretty much the same as the full console title. All the updates were free too, something that the publisher might have wanted to carry over to other versions- maybe fans would be just a wee bit kinder to them today if they had.

Look for Street Fighter x Tekken to hit iOS some time this Summer.

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