Alan Wake shines a light on the PC

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Mr.Scratch casts his shadow onto download services as the formerly console bound Wake sequel heads to the PC.

Remedy Entertainment’s action-hero/writer Alan Wake has made a pretty solid foothold for himself in the gaming world now. The first game in the series (which fittingly enough was titled ‘Alan Wake’) was a solid hit and actually surprised some with how well it did at retail.

The semi-sequel, semi-side story, American Nightmare has been out on Xbox Live for a while now and has been well received too. Originally just an ‘arcade’ experience, the creators of Wake quickly found themselves telling a brand new story set in the dark universe. The game follows Wake as he hunts his doppelganger- an evil (and supernaturally charged) serial killer known only as Mr.Scratch.

Scratch has set his sights on Wake’s wife and the sleepy little Arizona town of Night Springs. But the small town isn’t all that it seems, and when he gets there Alan finds that fiction is fast becoming real all around him. He must work to master his new found ability to control reality itself (now that’s useful!) and bring light to the shadows of Night Springs to cast out Scratch.

The game is available right now on both Steam and GOG for $14.99 USD. Own the original on PC as well? Then you get yourself a 15% discount on either service my friend. Don’t have it already? GOG is extending that 15% discount, if you buy Alan Wake as a bundle with American Nightmare. Not too shabby.

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