So Square Enix, you’re doing PS2 classics after all? How’s about these five?

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So, Square Enix, it looks like you’re doing the whole PS2 classics thing after all. Deus Ex was a nice touch, and easily the best PS2 game available on the PSN so far.

Fingers crossed they don’t stop there. Especially with Eidos, Square Enix has an incredible PS2 library. While we know some games are getting the HD remake treatment instead (hi Final Fantasy X), there’s a lot of games that are not likely to. And so here’s some Square Enix games that we would love to see hit the PSN service as PS2 classics.

Drakengard/ Drakengard 2 

Ah Cavia, RIP, you left us before you could really shine. Well, actually they did shine, but the point is the company shut up shop after Nier and that’s a tragedy. Before Nier was an awesome mix of Dynasty Warriors and breathing fire on entire armies as a dragon. Drakengard was a unique and hugely entertaining action RPG. Unfortunately it looked terrible and a few minor control issues kept it back from being a critical classic.

Still, it was successful enough to see a sequel, which was generally an improvement. As one of the least well known but most enjoyable Square Enix franchises, we’re not likely to see another one with the creators long gone, but it would be good to play through the classics again.

Final Fantasy X-2 & XII 

It seems unlikely that Square Enix will do HD remakes for its “lesser” two Final Fantasy PS2 outings, which is a pity because they’re actually good games. FFXII, which is my personal favourite game in the series, is a spectacular epic with interesting characters (especially Princess Ashe), and X-2 was a fun and lighthearted turn for the series.

Both games deserve HD remakes (Rikku in a HD bikini? Sure thing!), but if that’s not to be then at least give us the chance to play the games again. It’d be easy money Square Enix, c’mon, you know you want to!

Dragon Quest VIII 

Dragon Quest VIII was really, really hard to find in Australia when it was released. Until the series hit mainstream success on the DS, it was a very niche series indeed. As such I’ve never had the opportunity to play it. I know it’s good, though, because it was developed by Level-5, and they don’t really make bad games.

The art style has helped keep the game very relevant, too. While some of the other PS2 games are really starting to show their age, Dragon Quest VIII has a bright, cheerful and happy style that is as pleasing on the eyes now as it was back then.

Dragon Quest & Itadaki Street Special 

How’s about a bit of an import title, too? While this was never released in English, the name might be a little familiar – Dragon Quest is a franchise everyone knows, but Itadaki Street might be better known as Fortune Street – yep, that awesome Wii board game that Nintendo helped out with this time.

For those of us with an understanding of Japanese, going back and playing some of the earlier games in the series is a lot of fun. Dice De Chocobo on the PSOne is one example of Square Enix already doing this, so let’s see this one released too.

Soul Reaver 2

The final game on our little list is the game that many would consider the highlight of a much under-appreciated horror/ action series. Soul Reaver 2 was making vampires cool before Twilight and the like could taint them.

Dark and brooding, Soul Reaver 2 had a few little issues (not least of which being how short it is), but the core soul of the game was there. Raziel was doing the light/ heavy combo attack deal that has since become standard, and the combat was largely satisfying. It’s also a game that has held up remarkably well in the years since in terms of presentation.

So what classic PS2 Square Enix/ Eidos games would you like to see released for download on the PSN? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • Do you think so? I thought it got a pretty good push through Nintendo with the DS game, IX. 

    It's definitely not as popular as in Japan, but I think it's finally up there as a premier JRPG franchise in Australia, at least. 

  •  Dragon quest will always be niche in the US……….the only difference is more titles are being localized which is a good thing

  • I honestly think there's a good chance of that one happening. SE's not going to HD it, and Cavia's a dead company. So it's literally free money for SE. 

  • 12 is one of the better FFs all it really needed was a better main character. Make Balthier the main character and it would be considered one of the best FFs. 

    The world of Ivalice is the best world they have built, it should be their focus more often. FFXIV should have been set in Ivalice, during any time period really, they have all Tactics jobs to pull from, the original summons and the revamped ones from XII. It would make a stellar remake, or HD remaster even.

  • I don't want to get my hopes up too much, but that definitely makes sense! Then make it playable on the Vita and I'll be a happy camper

  • On the basis of what? SE has put up some Japanese PSOne games (Chocobo Dungeon, Dice De Chocobo, Chocobo Stalion, Chocobo Racing) on the Japanese PSN.

  • on the basis of them having no interest in doing anything else

    and 5 games out of a huge pool isnt exactly telling

  • It's interesting, but while I was playing FF XIII-2 yesterday, I found myself wondering: Since they are doing an HD remake of FF X – why don't they include a remake of X-2?  Of course, there's less profit to be had that way, but it really would make sense to ship the two titles together – it's not like it wouldn't fit on a single blu-ray disc, and while I always thought X was the better of the two by quite a bit, I would find the inclusion of X-2 very welcome as well.

  • Yeah, I would have thought once SE has the HD assets for the X remake, it would have been relatively easy to make a "Final Fantasy HD Collection" and throw X-2 in there as well. 

  •  I agree on both points – I enjoyed Ivalice and thought Balthier was a much more entertaining character than really the rest of the cast. 

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