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Killzone 3’s entire multiplayer mode is made available for download this week. Sweeter still is that Plus subscribers can nab it at half the price.

What perplexes me about this at all though is that Killzone really doesn’t have all that rabid a multiplayer fanbase to begin with. Was there really a call for the multiplayer mode to be sold separately? And a year after the game launched at retail? It just seems like odd timing- and while the price for Plussers is right ($7.50USD) that $14 tag for the rest of the PSN is a lil’ goofy seeing as the entire game can be had for around $20 used on Amazon.

Also this week, and a sight for sore eyes, is the release of the Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 DLC on the PS Vita. That was a strange case wasn’t it? Hearing about compatibility issues cropping up doesn’t exactly give you a lot of confidence in the cross platform play feature that the Vita boasts- something that I personally was really looking forward to. Anyway, the various downloads are up now and add two more characters to the game along with a load of extra costumes.

Other notables include the ‘Lost Archive’ mission pack for Assassin’s Creed Revelations and some new add-ons for Soul Calibur V, and Saint’s Row the Third. And I feel like I have to point out that the PSP Store is active again. Seriously, now it gets new stuff?!?

Playstation Plus

  • Discounted PS3 Full Game:Killzone 3 Full Multiplayer (PS+ Price: $7.50)
  • Discounted Mini:Touchdown Fever Mini (PS+ Price: $2.39)
  • Free Exclusive Theme:Leap Year Dynamic Theme
  • Free Avatars:Jak and Daxter Collection – Jak and Daxter Avatar 4
  • Free Avatars: Jak and Daxter Collection – Dark Jak Avatar 2

PS Vita 


    Get alternate costumes for Ryu, Dante, Chris Redfield, Captain America, Iron Man, and Thor! Show your opponents you can beat them in style with these new outfits for your favorite characters!
    File size: 100 KB
    Jill Valentine, the heroine of RESIDENT EVIL, has returned! But this time, she’s been brainwashed by her arch-nemesis, Albert Wesker. The device on her chest not only makes her loyal to Wesker, but increases her speed and agility to make her an even more formidable opponent!
    File size: 100 KB
    Everyone’s favorite tentacled fighter, the Old One from the Chaos Dimension, is back! Shuma-Gorath can use his unique body and knowledge of the mystic arts to crush and enslave his opponents!
    File size: 100 KB
  • Blazblue: Cse – System Voice Arrange Rachel Type-A, Type-B (Vita DLC) ($5.99)
    This is a system voice by Kana Ueda, the voice of Rachel Alucard. Two versions are included.
    File size: 100 KB
  • Army Corps Of Hell – Pumpkin Equipment Set (Free)
    Army Corps of Hell brings a new level of vicious combat, dark humor and lightning-quick action to the PlayStation Vita handheld entertainment system . As the King of Hell you control an army of a hundred goblin soldiers with various classes and abilities to defeat a host of enemies in order to reclaim your throne. Give your goblin army pumpkin heads for protection against “Flame” attacks!
    File size: 100 KB


  • Dynasty Warriors Next Demo
    Play as either Zhao Yun or Zhenji and fight your way through the Yellow Turban stage in this demo of DYNASTY WARRIORS NEXT. Command each character’s unique actions, using both standard controls and the unique touch and motion controls of the PS Vita system. *Some customization items made available in the demo will need to be unlocked in the full game.
    File size: 214 MB
  • Modnation Racers: Road Trip Game Trial
    Welcome to the never-ending season of ModNation kart racing, where competitive racing and community creativity collide. Whether you race for the fastest time, customize your own karts or tracks, or you discover new courses online – ModNation Racers gives you everything you need for your next “Road Trip”!
    File size: 486 MB 
  • Reality Fighters Game Trial
    Try out Reality Fighters(TM)! This demo allows you to scan in your face to create one character which you can customize with a few of the crazy costume pieces and accessories. You can then train your character and test your skills in a quick fight. Check out the demo today and then upgrade to the full version on March 13, 2012!
    File size: 573 MB
  • Touch My Katamari Demo
    Roll everything from tiny ants to skyscrapers in this exhilarating “Shape-changing and Ball rolling” title. Use the touchscreen or the traditional controls to roll! This demo includes the tutorial and “Make It Big 1: Playtime.”
    File size: 99 MB


  • Foursquare (Free)

Videos (free)

  •  Tales From Space: Mutant Blobs Attack: Official Trailer 
  • The Tester Season 3 Episode 4


PSN Games

  • Killzone 3 Multiplayer w/Trial ($14.99)
    The complete Killzone 3 online experience – enjoy fierce 24-player battles using the latest ISA and Helghast weapons and technology. This game is playable in 2D or 3D.
    ESRB rated M
    File size: 3.97 GB
  • Medieval Moves: Deadmund’s Quest Full Game ($39.99)
    Medieval Moves: Deadmund’s Quest combines sword fighting, archery and throwing weapons in a playful action-adventure! From the creators of Sports Champions, it’s non-stop action adventure.
    ESRB rated E10+
    File size: 6.77 GB

Full Games

  • Deus Ex: Human Revolution ($39.99)
    To save his life after a deadly attack, Adam Jensen had no choice but to become physically augmented with cybernetics. Driven by his need for answers, he soon finds himself chasing down leads all over the world.
    ESRB rated M
    File size: 9.5 GB


  • Killzone 3 Multiplayer Demo The complete Killzone 3 online experience – enjoy fierce 24-player battles using the latest ISA and Helghast weapons and technology. Download the demo for a free taste of the full Killzone 3 multiplayer experience.
    ESRB rated M
    File size: 3.97 GB
  • Major League Baseball 2K12: Demo
    The longest running Major League Baseball franchise returns to the virtual diamond with MLB 2K12 from 2K Sports. Demo the game featuring advanced pitching & hitting controls, detailed player tendencies & scouting reports, and immersive game modes for any level of fan. MLB 2K12 is the only game you’ll need this season, in stores now!
    ESRB rated E
    File size: 856 MB
  • Top Gun: Hardlock Demo
    Check out this high flying demo. Top Gun: Hard Lock is aerial dog-fighting at jet speeds. The game includes 12 playable planes, including the iconic F-14 Tomcat and F-22 Raptor. Pull of spectacular ACM’s in Hard Lock combat, pushing yourself higher than ever before. Engaging single player campaign with 15 death-defying missions and online multiplayer for up to 16 players.
    ESRB rated T
    File size: 450 MB
  • EA SPORTS FIFA Street Demo
    FIFA Street Demo – Get a taste of FIFA Street before the game hits store shelves!
    ESRB rated E
    File size: 1.91 GB
  • The Simpsons Arcade Game Demo
    The long-awaited home console port of the classic Simpsons arcade game is finally here! Chase down Smithers and Mr. Burns on the epic quest to save Maggie. Battle your way through Springfield in this hilarious blast from the past! Download the Demo today!
    ESRB rated E10+
    File size: 21 MB

Game Add-ons

  • FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 – Serah’s Outfit: Beachwear ($2.99) A new outfit for Serah. The perfect costume for soaking up the sun and hanging out with friends on the shores of New Bodhum.
    File size: 2.06 MB
  • FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 – Noel’s Outfit: Spacetime Guardian ($2.99)
    A new outfit for Noel. This garb is said to be a gift of the goddess to those who fight to correct the anomalies of time.
    File size 2.60 MB
  • FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 – Sazh: Heads or Tails? ($4.99)
    Unlock new casino content and a new episode featuring Sazh in Serendipity. Complete the episode to gain Sazh as a battle ally.
    File size: 291 MB
  • Neverdead – Expansion Pack #2 ($3.99)
    Expand your online experience with NeverDead – Expansion Pack #2 which includes: ALL-NEW PLAYABLE CHARACTER – Play as the trusty, intelligent NADA Chief Sullivan in online multiplayer. EXTENDED LEVEL AND CHALLENGES – Expand the Sewers level with 3 new gameplay types:Egg Hunt – Scour the level for collectables, Fragile Alliance – Race around the Asylum level going from one checkpoint to the next and Onslaught –Unlock the level section by section.
    File size: 247 MB
  • Saints Row The Third: Bloodsucker Pack ($1.99)
    Keep the cash flowin’ with the Bloodsucker Pack. You’ll earn respect and get cash bonuses but it doesn’t stop there! You also get payments, money drop, and the ability to regain health through your human shields with The Dracula skill.
    File size: 1.72 MB
  • Blazblue: Cse – System Voice Arrange Rachel Type-A, Type-B (PS3 DLC) ($5.99) This is a system voice by Kana Ueda, the voice of Rachel Alucard. Two versions are included. File size: 2.62 MB
  • Crazy Machines Elements – Brainfood Pack 2 ($2.99)
    TWENTY additional tricky puzzles and FIVE new challenges that will frazzle your brain! Get your second brain food package today!
    File size: 2.08 MB
  • Soulcalibur V Additional Character: Dampierre (Storefront Release) ($4.99)
    That dandy gentleman has returned in HD quality! See him in action in the new chapter of “SOULCALIBUR.” Please note that this content should only be purchased if you did not receive “Dampierre” as a pre-order bonus.
    File size: 134 KB
  • Soulcalibur V Customization Equipment 3 ($1.99)
    Look cool with this pack of modern customization equipment! This pack includes 1 female undergarment, 2 pieces of face equipment, 2 face paint variations, 3 customization patterns, and 1 sticker.
    File size: 134 KB
  • Soulcalibur V Downloadable Music 21 – 26 ($0.99 each)
  • Soulcalibur V Downloadable Music Pack 5 ($2.99)
    This pack contains the background music tracks: DESTINY WILL TELL, HALCYON HARBOR, INFERNAL OFFERING, PHANTASMAGORIA, and THANATOS from SOULCALIBUR IV.This content should only be purchased by those who have not already purchased one or more of the background music tracks in this pack.
    File size: 138 KB
  • Disgaea 4 – Command Attack ($3.99)
    Disgaea 4′s grinding system is even more powerful! Challenge yourself with the Pirate Tournament! Ride around the random dungeons on a pirate ship and get a high ranking!
    File size: 1.55 MB
  • Hyperdimension Neptunia Mk2 DLC add ons (x10) (Free – $0.99 each)
    Various add ons.
    File size: 100 KB – 340 KB
  • Elevator Action Hd – Additional Stages -2 (free)
    New DLC for ELEVATOR ACTION DELUXE has arrived! This completely FREE update gives you five new stages to explore and master. And they have a surprising new feature–the manual elevator. Your status as a superspy is being put to the test. Will you rise to the challenge?
    File size: 11 MB
  • Apples To Apples: Fun To The Core ($2.99)
    This new expansion pack for Apples to Apples the video game features brand new avatars like Angel, Zombie, Ghost, Witch and Ski Apple, and another set of deck skins, including Haunted, Winter and Cloudy! Surprise your opponents with more Golden Apple Cards such as Apple Harvest and Bobbing for Apples, and make even fresher comparisons with more than 500 new red and green cards!
    File size: 100 KB
  • Assassin’s Creed Revelations – The Lost Archive ($9.99)
    Explore the mysterious pasts of Subject 16 and Lucy Stillman in 2 hours of all-new singleplayer content using the innovative narration style and puzzle-platforming gameplay pioneered in Assassin’s Creed Revelations’ present-day Desmond sequences. Also included in this pack are a bonus singleplayer mission which unlocks the terrifying Vlad the Impaler Sword, a variety of armors and weapons for Ezio and three new multiplayer characters.
    File size: 692 MB
  • Rocksmith – Metal Tone Customization Pack ($4.99)
    Specially designed for heavy metal and rock guitar tones, this Gear Pack includes: the HM-12, a custom high-gain amp and extended bass response 4×12 cabinet; the Cavern, a “cavernous” reverb pedal; the SicSicSicS, a solo boost pedal; and the Scooped, an active parametric EQ pedal.
    File size: 10 MB

Price Updates

  • Dead Space 2 Dlc Bundle (Price Change) (PS3) (now $19.99, original price $21.99)
    Shift 2 Unleashed Dlc Bundle (Price Change) (PS3) (now $29.99, original price $34.99)
    Call Of Duty: Black Ops (Price Change) (PS3) (now $49.99, original price $59.99)
    Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (Price Change) (PS3) (now $29.99, original price $39.99)
    Hydrophobia: Prophecy (Sale) (PS3) (now $2.99, original price $9.99)
    Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood (Price Change) (PS3) (now $29.99, original price $39.99)
    MotorStorm Arctic Edge (Price Change) (PSP) (now $9.99, original price $19.99)
    Patapon (Price Change) (PSP) (now $9.99, original price $15.99)


  • UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception Avatar Pack #2 ($1.49)
  • UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception Avatar Pack #1 ($1.49)
  • Carnival Island Avatar Bundle 3 ($1.49)
  • The King Of Fighters XIII Avatars (x10) ($0.49 each)

Videos (free)

  • The Tester Season 3 Episode 4
  • Mass Effect 3 “Take the earth Back” Trailer
  • PixelJunk SideScroller Dev Diary
  • Kingdoms Of Amalur: Reckoning Launch Trailer
  • Pulse 2/28 Edition


  • Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 – Elite Theme (free)
  • Dynamic Anime Theme 1 ($2.99)
  • Dynamic Anime Theme 2 ($2.99)
  • Dynamic Gangsters Theme 1 ($2.99)

PS2 Classics

  • Primal ($9.99)
    Help search for a loved one in the frightening world of demons and darkness.
    ESRB Rated M
    File size: 3.37 GB


  • Burnout Paradise DLC Bundle ($19.99)
    This DLC bundle includes all of the downloadable content for Burnout Paradise. There are no refunds for this item.
    File size: 700 KB
  • Burnout Paradise Super Bundle ($29.99)
    This bundle includes a digital license for Burnout Paradise and all of the downloadable content for Burnout Paradise. There are no refunds for this item.
    File size: 700 KB


  • Twisted Metal – Original Soundtrack from the Video Game ($9.99)
  • UNCHARTED: Golden Abyss Original Soundtrack ($9.99)



  • ROBIN HOOD & Monochrome Racing Bundle ($5.99)
    Robin Hood: Complete 12 levels, defeating numerous enemies and visiting different locations in medieval England!Monochrome Racing: Screeching tires, the smell of burned rubber, the rush of adrenaline and enemies that are left in the dust – these are the emotions that drive real racers. More than 80 tracks to complete / More than 10 cars to choose from and upgrade!
    File size: 78 MB

Videos (free)

  • The Tester Season 3 Episode 4
  • Pulse 2/28 Edition


  • Ducati Challenge – Minis ($6.49)
  • Trailblazer (Minis) ($2.99)

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