Bye Sweet Carole’s new artwork introduces the rotten rabbits

I mentioned Bye Sweet Carole in passing in my coverage of Guerilla Collective’s Not-E3 showcase this year, but otherwise I actually haven’t written about it at all. And that’s a shame, because it looks extremely promising. It’s a classically-animated horror game about a young girl unwillingly brought to the mysterious…

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On making games about making art


We’re at that point in the development of our medium where there’s a game for every imaginable task and occupation; or at least, that’s what you’d think on a cursory google of any job followed by the word “simulator”. And yet, it’s rare to find many games which seek to…

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Genshin Impact art show opens in Paris


Visual artists know they’ve really made it once they get an art show in Paris. Genshin Impact arguably “made it” long before now, but regardless, it’s pretty big that the game is getting it’s own art exhibition! And in one of the world’s art centres! The show features over 40…

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