DDNet does Japan! Day #4: Import Review: IA/VT Colorful (Sony PlayStation Vita)


Like I was going to pass up an opportunity to grab a new vocaloid game while I was in Japan. Especially since it’s a game that we’re being told can never be localised into English. IA/VT Colorful might feature a vocaloid whose popularity by comparison to Hatsune Miku is like…

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It’s a week of Miku book reviews! Day 2: Hatsune Miku Graphics: Character Collection CV01 Hatsune Miku Edition


Review by Matt S. With all the coverage that we’ve been giving Hatsune Miku and her band of adorable vocaloids, I thought that it would be a good time to review a series of Hatsune Miku (and friends) art books by Udon Entertainment. And so each day this week we’ll…

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First Impressions: Mekakucity Actors (Anime)


Anime report by Clark A. The Kagerou Project is a series of Vocaloid songs that conveys narratives musically, be it through very literal lyrics or abstract, metaphorical means. It was accompanied by several light novels before their popularity allowed enabled a transition into a manga series and, now, an anime…

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