Retro reflections: Battles of Prince of Persia; the most underrated DS strategy game


Retro reflections by Matt S. Ubisoft is always at its best when it’s experimental. Back when the Nintendo DS was a shiny new console, wowing people with Super Mario 64 in portable form, Ubisoft did something remarkably creative with its then-hot Prince of Persia franchise: it released a tactics strategy…

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Review: Paper Mario Color Splash (Nintendo Wii U)


Review by Clark A. A sense of humour goes a long way in defining a game’s identity. In Paper Mario Color Splash, jokes paint new life into every scenario and character interaction, upping the ante of peculiar situations tenfold. The Paper Mario series has historically emphasised comedy, but the latest…

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Review: Superdimension Neptune VS Sega Hard Girls (Sony PlayStation Vita)


Review by Matt S. The Hyperdimension franchise has been on a steady improvement curve from the very first game. After a shaky start, Compile Heart’s marquee franchise has developed into a series of genuinely good JRPGs that mix its fanservicey roots with genuine humour, as well as a balanced, intriguing,…

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