Sony’s live E3 2012 press conference has concluded. Below, you can see our coverage of the event as it originally appeared.  Like our Nintendo Direct and Microsoft coverage before, we’ll be providing a play by play for Sony’s E3 conference. If you don’t have access to a computer or a…

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Microsoft’s E3 conference has concluded. You can view our coverage as it originally appeared after the jump.In case you can’t make it to Microsoft’s E3 show, we’ll be covering the news as it happens in text form right in this post. Updates will be posted in reverse chronological order (meaning…

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E3 2012: Pre-E3 trailer round-up


With the hype surrounding E3, an important part of the event is always absence from discussions; the ever-present Pre-E3. This is the name given to the preceding week of E3, where many games journalists are given early chances to get hands-on with the already-announced games of the show. While it…

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Nintendo’s Pre-E3 Nintendo Direct conference has concluded. You can see the details of the article as they appeared after the jump:Not able to tune into Nintendo’s pre-E3 Nintendo Direct conference? Never fear, Digitally Downloaded will be covering the news as it happens on this very page. The conference is set…

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For the second straight year, Konami will be showing its wares and blowing the lid off of any E3 announcements a few days early. The mega-publisher will be displaying its upcoming releases and holding exclusive interviews pertaining to key games in it’s 2012/13 catalog at it’s ‘Pre-E3 Show’ – and…

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