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Nintendo’s Pre-E3 Nintendo Direct conference has concluded. You can see the details of the article as they appeared after the jump:

Not able to tune into Nintendo’s pre-E3 Nintendo Direct conference? Never fear, Digitally Downloaded will be covering the news as it happens on this very page.

The conference is set to host some news on the Wii U, though there will not be any new titles revealed at the moment. The show is only 30 minutes in length, so don’t go expecting Iwata to reveal the Wii U’s entire feature set or anything. The “major” news will be coming in the next couple of days. Expect things shown here to either be hard-hitting and fast or mere teasers of what is to come tomorrow.

Updates will be posted in reverse chronological order (meaning the latest news will be on the top). You’ll also need to refresh the page to see new updates:

Wii U Pro Controller
  • Plenty of 3DS news is coming up in the near future
  • The philosophy of the Wii U is for everyone to be connected, even when not in the same room; “together, better” 
  • You can show Wii U Game Pad content on the main screen or exclusively on the Pad
  • The internet browser allows you to share what you’re browsing with friends
  • The Nintendo Network will link several generations of hardware, including future Nintendo devices
  • Miiverse will be available from mobile devices, the 3DS, PCs and more in the future
  • Even in single player games with no online interaction, Miiverse connects your living room to others
  • Miiverse can be used without the TV, only needing the Wii U Game Pad
  • Miiverse can be used within games in themselves to communicate between players
  • Miiverse works with every Wii U game
  • Screenshots and game content can be shared via Miiverse
  • Miiverse makes it easy to communicate through drawings and text
  • The WiiU’s system menu is a Mii lobby connected to your friends called Miiverse, capable of connecting to all your friends and the Miis on your own system
  • Video chats can occur 
  • A video shows Wii U’s ability to communicate in-game through status updates in what appears to be a social network
  • Iwata announces the Wii U Pro Controller
  • Iwata restates the Wii U’s ability to swap from TV screen to the Game Pad 
  • The WiiU also functions as an infrared TV remote
  • Controller is called the Wii U Game Pad (name originates from the Famicom and NES)
  • Iwata shows the Wii U controller, featuring a new ergonomic dual stick layout with clickable sticks
  • The concept behind the Wii U is creating a console that would unite gamers rather than have them all in the same room doing different things
  • Iwata opens by discussing the company`s philosophy and making unique games
  • The conference begins

If you’re on a device equipped for viewing videos, you can watch the conference yourself over here

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