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Sony’s live E3 2012 press conference has concluded. Below, you can see our coverage of the event as it originally appeared. 

Like our Nintendo Direct and Microsoft coverage before, we’ll be providing a play by play for Sony’s E3 conference. If you don’t have access to a computer or a flash capable device, these text updates should do the trick. Tune in with us soon!

Expect to hear news on over 20 new titles including some known ones like PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale. Sony is already hyping “crazy good” offerings for PlayStation Plus tomorrow.

Updates will be posted in reverse chronological order (meaning the latest news will be on the top). You’ll also need to refresh the page to see new updates:

Conference Wrap-Up

  • When asked about additional third-party characters in PlayStation All-Stars beyond Bioshock’s Big Daddy, the answer was a definitive “yes” with more new characters being announced later this summer
  • Like the first part of the show, several interviews took place between developers including some between the developers of God of War, Little Big Planet Karting, and PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale
  • A Little Big Planet Karting trailer aired with chiptune music playing in the background. The game does not appear to be a traditional kart racer given the insanity.

Main Conference

  • The conference ended with a thanks from Jack Tretton. The Vita price drop appears to be a tease. 
  • A gameplay trailer for The Last of Us appeared. The two protagonist characters exchanged small talk while exploring before getting into a tense gun battle in an apartment. A surplus of cussing also offered an example of what to expect. The trailer ended with a brutal point-blank shot to the head. 
  • A new gameplay trailer for God of War: Ascension on PS3 showed Kratos slaughtering anthropomorphic animals near a dock. He later fought a giant octopus/squid and a mammoth and the expected blood showers ensued. The game is coming sometime in 2013. 
  • PlayStation Suite will be accessible on more smart phones. The service is being renamed.  
  • A trailer showed a new accessory called Wonderbook for PS3, which puts a physical book in your hand to bring storybooks to life. It uses the PlayStation Eye and augmented reality. Moonbot Studios is working on a game for Wonderbook. The Book of Spells will be another title based on Harry Potter. The books will be coming as soon as this fall. 
  • Farcry 3 will feature four player co-op, as evidenced in a trailer displaying much gunfire and team action. PlayStation gamers will receive free DLC. 
  • A lengthy trailer showed how traversing the sea works in Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed 3 (console version), as well as skirmishes with other ships. A new PS3 bundle will include the game and exclusive DLC.

  • A special Vita bundle will include the first Crystal White console, including a 4GB memory card 
  • A trailer for Assassin’s Creed 3: Liberation on Vita aired, featuring the game’s new female protagonist. It features “cross-goods”, which will be unlocked for those who own a Vita and PS3. 
  • Call of Duty Black Ops: Declassified is coming to Vita this holiday season
  • Hulu Plus and Crackle are coming to Vita “soon”
  • PS One Classics will be coming to Vita this summer
  • PlayStation Plus will get 12 new games tomorrow such as inFAMOUS 2. 
  • More than 80% of PlayStation users are connected to the internet and Journey is the best selling PSN game of all time
  • New DLC for Little Big Planet 2 will be released to enable the PS Vita to be used as a creation device. It will also enable simultaneous multiplayer between the two systems.

  • Tretton introduced PlayStation All Stars: Battle Royale. A developer from the studio behind the game revealed that Play Station All Stars will be cross compatible with PS Vita. A demonstration showed different people using controllers and Vita systems to control the action. The goal in each battle is to earn points to launch a powerful “super” attack. Two new playable characters are Nathan Drake and Big Daddy. The game will release this holiday season. 
  • Tretton introduced a developer, who then introduced a new game called Beyond (from the creators of Heavy Rain for PS3). It revolves around the events that occur after a person dies. The main character, Jodie Holmes, knows has some clues as to what lies “beyond” life itself. A real-time trailer showed a silent Jodie refusing to answer a police deputy’s quizzical questions. An ominous air shifted over the room before a coffee cup went flying. She finally said “they’re coming” as a SWAT team showed up…and everything blew up into action from there. 
  • Jack Tretton came out to put over how passionate the company’s consumers are. He talked about how the press will perceive the event and thanked everyone. He feels he is privileged to introduce to world to new heroes every year. He wants to pay respect to everyone watching. 
  • The show kicks off with an opening dubstep trailer featuring games like Little Big Planet Vita, Epic Mickey 2, Darksiders II, Sly 4, PlayStation Plus, PS Vita, Killzone, Portal, and more

Preview Conference

  • Some footage of the new Sly Cooper game for PS3 was shown, with more details teased for tomorrow. There are numerous different playable characters. The PS Vita version is also in progress.
  • Sound Shapes will be available digitally on Vita and PS3 for $14.99 with cross-play compatibility (one payment for two versions). Levels can be shared via cloud between consoles. The game is coming August 7th. 
  • A demo of Sound Shapes for PS Vita was shown. The man playing the demo was able to compose a reasonably melodic song in three and a half minutes.  
  • Some humorous banter teased The Last of Us, God of War Ascension, PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale, and a Vita Price Drop
  • An opening video recaps Sony’s accomplishments in the industry from the first PlayStation to now
  • The preview has begun
You can also watch the press conference over here or even directly through your PS Vita/PS3. It can be viewed straight through the PS3’s XMB in the “What’s New” section without the need to search for it. 

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  • Not officially announced yet, it was just teased prior to the show. I'll clarify if it's confirmed or just hype. 

  • I'm not going to lie; Sony did extremely well with their conference this year. Unless Nintendo has several heavy-hitters up their sleeve, Sony has already "Won" this year's E3.

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