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For the second straight year, Konami will be showing its wares and blowing the lid off of any E3 announcements a few days early.

The mega-publisher will be displaying its upcoming releases and holding exclusive interviews pertaining to key games in it’s 2012/13 catalog at it’s ‘Pre-E3 Show’ – and it’ll all be framed by trailers galore.

It’s nice to see that fans are the main focus here. The whole point of this special  is to deliver new info and content to the end users. Konami is still a major player in the industry (as well as one of my all time favorites), and what they’re doing here is just plain old cool. I’d love to see more publishers do the same.

Turn your browser to www.konami.com/e3 at 10:30pm PST (little late for us East Coasters no?) on May 31st to check in and catch the latest stuff from the company before anybody else.

Update: Looks like Spike TV will be broadcastingthe ‘best of’ the event on the Pre-E3 episode of GTTV. The show will be airing at roughly the same time as the Konami online special- 1am EST -so if you can’t make it to your PC/Mac and want the latest on what’s what, here’s another option for you.

Also worth noting now is that a fresh look at Metal Gear: Revengeance is being promised as well as the announcement of “a major new game set for release in 2013”.

“KONAMI’s annual Pre-E3 show underscores the company’s commitment to providing the biggest and best content that fans have been waiting for throughout the year, in advance of the world’s marquee video game conference,” said Tomoyuki Tsuboi, President of Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc.  “Our partnership with Spike TV and GameTrailers.com will give fans and enthusiasts a front row seat to the latest and greatest from KONAMI.”

All this and (GTTV host) Geoff Keighley? Shocking but true!

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