Bastion coming to XBLA July 20

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The expertly narrated action RPG is set to release on the 20th of July exclusively on XBLA. Indie developer Supergiant Games is bringing Bastion out as a part of Microsoft’s Summer of Live Arcade promotion which is looking to be quite the selection of interesting games.

You play as a character known as the Kid who is given the task of saving the world after a catastrophe strikes and the only way to do so is to rebuild the Bastion. The game has a very interesting art style, reminiscent of anime but is actually hand-painted, and features a dynamic narrator who documents your every move.

Bastion has already generated a lot of buzz and had a successful showing at E3 where many outlets remarked the game’s originality. It’s a game that should be on your radar by now and hopefully it will be as good as promised. Regardless, it’s always nice to see original indie games that get that extra push from the big publishers and even though it’s the Summer of Arcade games are always at least timed exclusives it’s ultimately good for the industry to have a platform that caters to these smaller games. 
Bastion will set you back 1200 Microsoft space bucks (points) and is the first game of five in the Summer of Arcade. The developer has already announced that Bastion will be out on the PC later this year and expressed interest in other platforms if there seems to be enough interest on behalf of the community. 

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