With the hype surrounding E3, an important part of the event is always absence from discussions; the ever-present Pre-E3. This is the name given to the preceding week of E3, where many games journalists are given early chances to get hands-on with the already-announced games of the show. While it allows early previews of games, this event also leads to several trailers being released. Digitally Downloaded has cobbled the more noticeable trailers together of the Pre-E3 event in this post for easier access.

Please note that while not all of the games posted below have been confirmed for a digital release, those few unconfirmed games have been scheduled for a PC release, under their current circumstances it seems likely that they are to attain a digital release.

Hitman: Absolution “Attack Of The Saints” trailer

Let’s start off with the, if anything, most notable trailer to come out of the pre-E3 news. Technically there’s nothing wrong with this trailer; the trailer is well-directed, it shows the game’s two options that are at valid (stealth/up-front action), and graphically it looks really pretty. However, the big problem with this trailer is the taste it leaves; Agent 47, who has been defined as one of, if not the single greatest killer, goes in a straight-up fight against nuns who are wearing dominatrix outfits and the occurring fight ends up being two-sided. Two of those three things should not happen when Agent 47 is involved (nuns wearing dominatrix outfits and a two-sided fight), with the final third occurrence being questionable (straight-up conflict). Admittedly, that trailer shows the likely outcome if a player was controlling Agent 47 in the situation, but a professional killer being a professional killer is much more awesome. Thankfully, several websites that are attending E3 have played Hitman: Absolution and stated that the trailer does an enormous disservice to the stealth gameplay that has been prominent throughout their demo builds.

Hitman: Absolution is planned to be released on the 26nd of November, 2012 for Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and PC.

War Of The Roses gameplay trailer

This is the most recent project that Paradox Entertainment has taken under its wing, with Fatshark being the developer. The game is quite interesting, as it is a multiplayer, team-focused melee combat game set in the age of knights. After thinking for a while, War Of The Roses is the first game of its kind, so the games success is completely up in the air. However, the trailer contains quotes from Eurogamer and Rock, Paper, Shotgun that appear to be positive, so there’s a good chance that it will end up on the good side of the video game spectrum. Also, the trailer contains heavy rock and knights in armor. Where is that heavy-metal CD cover?

War Of The Roses is planned to be released exclusively on PC in the third quarter of 2012. Knowing Paradox Entertainment, the game is most likely to be released digitally as well as in retail.

Quantum Conundrum trailer

Being directed by the creator of Valve’s original Portal, Quantum Conundrum has a lot going for it. The game is a puzzle game where shifting dimensions results in changing the properties of specific objects, allowing for those objects to be manipulated. This pre-E3 trailer is a bit chaotic, as after the 45-second mark it starts throwing multiple screens at the player of varying size with no prior indication. If you look closely, you will notice to new features that have not been “Officially” talked about; a weight-increasing dimension and some sort of mechanical bird that presses a button which turns on a laser. While I know I will be picking up the game due to the its uniqueness, I hope the game eventually goes in the opposite direction of its warm exterior. The greatest part of the original Portal was after the 13 test chambers, where events got arguably more interesting.

Quantum Conundrum is planned to be released June 21st of 2012 and is already available for pre-purchase on Steam in both regular and “Season Pass” editions.

LEGO Lord Of The Rings trailer

 The LEGO game series is still trucking along, but as of late the series seems to realize that it has worn itself out. LEGO Batman 2 plans to have Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman teaming up against the Joker and Lex Luthor, while LEGO Lord Of The Rings is…well, Lord Of The Rings. There’s the chance that this could be a LEGO game that expands upon the tired gameplay, but as of right now there are no gameplay details about the title. Hopefully this will overcome itself and become something more than another LEGO game.

LEGO Lord Of The Rings currently is to be released in August of 2012 for pretty much every video game platform in existence.

Arma III E3 Showcases Preview

Bohemia Interactive is back with its tactical simulation series Arma, and the game is looking as good as ever. The above video has quick overviews of many of the Arma III showcases that will be present at E3 proper. The showcases included are infantry, vehicle, helicopter, and night lighting showcases along with two that show brand new features to the Arma series; a diving showcase and a supports showcase. While very minimal combat was showed, the graphics of this PC-exclusive certainly show in this title.

Arma III is planned to be released exclusively on PC in the fourth quarter of 2012.

Dishonored gameplay trailer

Being one of the most anticipated and original games of 2012, Dishonored is still looking to maintain that title. The pre-E3 trailer for this neo-Victorian steampunk action/stealth game is odd, beautiful, and action-packed all at the same time. Of course, it could also be called pretentious, but I like to remain optimism for new IPs, especially when they show as much promise as this game.
Dishonored is to be released on October 12th of 2012 and will be available for PC, Xbox 360, and Playstation 3.
Hybrid gameplay trailer
Rounding off this…round-up is 5th Cells new XBLA shooter Hybrid. The game combines cover-based shooting and free-flying combat into a 60 frames-per-second package. While the trailer is generic and does not highlight any specific features beyond mentioning them, the game does look like it will be a fun, fast-paced downloadable shooter. This game is also 5th Cells first foray into developing a game for non-Nintendo consoles and it will be interesting to see if they succeed or fail.

Hybrid is planned to be released during the Summer of this year (2012).

And that’s the end of the pre-E3 trailer round-up. Did we miss any trailers? Tell us in the comments section.

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