Review: Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires (Sony PlayStation Vita)


Around nine months after the game landed on the PlayStation 4, Koei Tecmo has finally launched Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires on the PlayStation Vita. Chances are, if you’re a fan of the Warriors games, you’ve already played this on console, but it’s worth double dipping, because it suits the handheld…

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Review: Dynasty Warriors 8: Empires (Sony PlayStation 4)


Of all the Dynasty Warriors games, the Empires series is the most complex and involved, and is also the least renowned. These games generally come last in a release cycle for the Warriors franchise (and come immediately before the next numbered game in the series), and that trend would also…

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The games of January; quality over quantity


List by Jim S. It’s the first month of 2015! Traditionally the most quiet month for new game releases, January 2015 isn’t really any different, which is a good thing since it will give people a chance to knock off some of the backlog from last year. With that being…

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News by Jedediah H. Whether you prefer strategy, tactical-action, or an all-out war of fast, elegant, and presumably pleasant smelling ninja fists, Koei Tecmo Europe has you comfortably covered. Although there’s limited information available concerning when these titles will be available in the West, Bladestorm: Nightmare, Dead or Alive 5…

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